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      Safeguard Against Sophisticated Attacks

      Our complete email security solution covers cloud-based email like Office 365 and G Suite and on-premises email such as Microsoft Exchange. It also blocks ransomware, spear-phishing, and spoofing attempts with multiple, advanced detection technologies and insights from the world’s largest civilian global intelligence network. We keep your email secure and confidential with 100% percent virus protection, more than 99% spam filtering, and 100% email uptime.

      Commitment You Can Count On

      After nearly 20 years of continuous improvement, our email security service offers you the industry’s most effective and accurate email security available. We block 98.77% of threats with zero false positives. We back up our claims with broad service level agreements and complete transparency. If we don't keep our promises – we pay out a service credit.

      Best-in-Industry Threat Isolation

      We're the first and only vendor to offer email threat isolation capabilities, giving our customers unparalleled protection. Our Email Security Service isolates suspicious links and attachments while stopping credential theft. When a suspected phishing website is opened via an email link, the site is rendered in read-only mode, which prevents users from entering sensitive information, like passwords. We also provide materials and assessments for you and your employees to promote and test security awareness. We do everything we can to shut down attacks before they happen.

      Dependable Email Security Made Easy


      Email is a business's number one vulnerability because it's so easy for cybercriminals to impersonate a credible sender. Protect your reputation with email security that backs up its promises with the best service level agreements in the industry.

      Symantec Email Security Service

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